Life Pensions (for serious injuries)

In general, the purpose of a life pension is reserved for the workers who are so seriously injured that they cannot return to the work force. The law recognizes that if the worker cannot return to work at all due to the work injury, then the just thing to do is to award him or her a life pension. Sometimes, even if you still can work, you may still qualify for the pension!!!!

To qualify for a life pension, a doctor must find that the worker has sustained a “permanent disability” level of 70% or more. For example, the loss of vision in both eyes or the loss of both arms will qualify for a life pension. Please note that the higher the percent above 70% the more the weekly pension will be.


For example, if you have 82% permanent disability and you injured yourself in the year 2018 (i.e, after January 1, 2006), your life pension payment will be $170.08 per week for the rest of your life. See the chart above. However, your life pension payment will start only after all permanent disability payments are paid out first. Under these circumstances, for the first 12 years you will receive permanent disability payments. Then after the twelfth year, the life pension payments of $170.08 per week will start and will be payable every two weeks.

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