Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic

We are living in challenging times during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic as many workers are risking their lives by going to work especially those called “essential workers”. Their families are also facing the same risks because the infected workers will come home and have regular contact with their family members. For this reason, we Fong brothers have now dedicated ourselves by adding a component to our practice to help those who are infected with the coronavirus on the job. Many may ask how they can be certain that they contracted COVID-19 from work and not elsewhere. It will depend on your exposure. If you hold a job that puts you at risk (e.g. working as a cashier by dealing with customers daily), then you have a good case. Our office now has the ability to represent those who have the virus, and we are partnering with some medical doctors who specialize in taking COVID-19 cases. Our office has also taken safety measures so that you are safe when you come (i.e. we have anti-sneeze guards and our staff members are required to have masks when attending to you). We also have extra masks to give you. Feel free to contact us.

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